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BOLDhealth provides natural health consultation for our clients. 


We are living beings

Living cells, tissues, organs that have an energy, frequency, resonance based on the Law of Quantum Physics. It makes sense that organ malfunction can result over time if this energy isn't balanced. All health problems, outside of trauma, are a result of too much or too little energy flow over a long period of time. There is a way to measure that energy to tell if there is an imbalance, as well as a way of correcting these imbalances to improve function and health. 


The sessions are focused on bioenergetic balancing of the body using meridian stress analysis and the Qest4 system. By balancing the energy in the meridians, and by using custom energy frequencies for your body, Qest4 gives the body what it needs to heal itself. 


The Qest4 system is similar technology used for the development of most of the heart monitoring equipment found in hospitals today. Qest4 does an initial evaluation of the organs, glands, and systems of the body; noting parts of the body that are stressed (high imbalanced energy) and weakened (low imbalanced energy). It then searches for frequencies to balance these areas. Based on energetic frequencies chosen by the body, we have a good idea of what is affecting the body, and of what it needs to bring the body into balance so it can heal.  

This information was obtained from the 2019 Qest4 Conference on Bioenergetic Technology. Special thanks to guest speaker, Jeffrey Saffir.


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Step 1:  All new clients are asked to watch this informational video prior to their first remote scan with BOLDhealth.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
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Step 2:  Print and sign the two forms below. 

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Biomeridian Testing

New discounted price of only $97 for office or remote service includes consultation, meridian stress analysis (comprehensive & baseline scan, main body scan, and informational scan), evaluation report, and custom homeopathic solution. Remote sessions for out of town or traveling clients include free shipping of solution with the price of the service.

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Coming Soon... Rife

Rife frequency generator: invented by American scientist Royal Raymond Rife.  It produces low energy waves called radio frequency electromagnetic fields.  Rife treatment works by finding the frequency of a disease, virus, bacteria, etc. and an impulse of the same frequency is then used to kill or disable the diseased cells.

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The Emotion Code

BOLDhealth's certified Emotion Code practitioner utilizes muscle testing to help remove trapped emotions to bring balance.


I use and trust BOLDhealth for my family's needs. The testing they do can dig into the root issues the body is having and we don't even know are there. My family has been cleared of emotions, detoxed from heavy metals, hormones balanced, viruses eliminated, and much more with the help of BOLDhealth. They are professional and caring, and I trust them with our health needs.


Rachel J. - age 43

N.D. in Fort Worth, TX

Everything I ate seemed to work against my body. I was feeling hopeless and depressed. After my scan and taking imprint drops, within a few days I felt much better. I am now free to go where I want and I am no longer feeling depressed. 

Cecelia V. - age 77

Bartlesville, OK

BOLDhealth has made a big difference for me emotionally. My high highs and low lows are much more even keel. Also my heart use to race when I did cardio workouts. Now my heart rate stays in a nice healthy range. Thanks BOLDhealth!

Emily - age 17 

Keller, TX




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BOLDhealth is only offering remote sessions at this time. 

We ask clients to please contact us by phone or email

to let us know you are sending in your sample for testing.

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